Triple Standard

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Crim, D., Stanley and several of their friends, following an intense but friendly game of basketball are bantering back and forth in the locker room when a mischievous gesture by Stanley, meant to be good humored, is returned by a homophobic litany from Crim. Crim’s over the top reaction is carried into hatred when later in the shower Stanley pushes the envelope further.

As everyone’s post workout glow and exuberance drains from the room, Crim’s roommate D. in particular seems most affected by Crim’s attack. After locking eyes with D., an inconsolable Crim storms out leaving D. to deal with a reality he has not been willing to but must now face.

When D. arrives home for dinner that night we begin to piece the puzzle together as it is increasingly revealed that D. and Crim are and actually have been, lovers – for years.

The dialogue that ensues between D and Crim brings to light both the public and private disconnect that occurs in the world of closeted athletes who, due to fame, fortune and culture are forced to fight fierce, often times lonely battles to come to terms and live with who they really are.

Directors: Branden Blinn
Writers: Branden Blinn
Cast: Lee Amir-Cohen, William Jennings, Ronny Prouty, Stephen Alderfer
Categories: Drama, Gay/Lesbian
Tags: gay, homosexual, male bonding, male/male, basketball, bi-sexual, homophobia

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