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New Time: Prime Time (7PM U.S. Eastern) Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday

www.thewatchbox.com We're moving to Prime Time! Following the success of our first broadcast, we've decided to move each and every subsequent live broadcast to the 7pm U.S. eastern time slot. We want our viewers to be able to watch without glancing over the shoulder for marauding bosses or sitting with Command+M at the ready in the office ;-) Join thewatchbox.com Media Director and Watch Specialist Tim Mosso three times per week for the first live watch enthusiast television on the web. Weekly broadcasts start at 7:00pm U.S. eastern time on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Three programs, "WuW Mailbag," "Collector's Corner," and "The Week In Watches" will cover topics from planning a collection to interactive Q&A to current events in the watch industry. Watchuwant "Mailbag" will air on Mondays. The program will combine live question-and-answer chats with comments and queries from our popular Watchuwant Inc. YouTube channel's video comment threads. Guest appearances from Watchuwant's sales staff will highlight common questions asked by our clientele. Watchuwant "Collector's Corner" will air each Wednesday. The show will explore and advise on topics in collecting. Advice on choosing a watch, understanding vintage, surveys of complications, and watch care will be discussed in depth by Tim and a rotating roster of guests from within the industry. Watchuwant "The Week In Watches" will air on Fridays and will focus on significant news within the world of luxury watches. Auction results, emerging technology, industry news, trade shows like Baselworld and Salon QP as well as new model debuts will be covered in depth with insightful commentary and analysis. All broadcasts will be available for later reference and viewing as recorded full-length and digest versions. Segments highlights will become available within 24 hours of each broadcast. Join Watchuwant Live at 7:00pm U.S. Eastern time every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Video and content by Tim Mosso and Pheline Jerome.