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Panerai Luminor 1950 PAM00127 Luxury Watch Review

http://www.thewatchbox.com Bigger than big. That's the Panerai Luminor 1950 PAM 127. Back in 2002, when the watch world was still reeling from shock at the rise of Panerai's 44mm Luminor, the 47mm PAM 127 "Fiddy" upped the ante and became an instant legend. Part of a limited edition of - wait for it - 1,950 units issued for the 2002 Panerai Special Edition series, the 1950 brought more than sheer scale to the Luminor; it brought refinement to the Panerai lineup. The "1950" case has become a regular feature of the Panerai Luminor line as of 2015, but it was unprecedented in 2002. The highly contoured 47mm case with compound curves and graceful lines sits on the wrist as beautifully as it appears to the eye. It's no surprise that this case shape has been adopted even by certain 44mm references of the current Panerai catalog. Breakthrough design developments like 1950 case and gorgeous rose gold hands are among the reasons why the PAM 127 has become a certified classic and a cult watch among modern Panerai Luminor references. Collectors buy these to hold, not sell, and the addition of a PAM 127 is an automatic upgrade to any collection of significant Officine Panerai models. Equipped with a Panerai Caliber OP XI based on the historic Unitas 6497 pocket watch movement, the PAM 127 is built in the fashion of the original Panerai military dive watches. The first combat Panerai watches featured pocket watch calibers built by Rolex, and the continued use of similar movements - albeit with modern finish and shock protection - is true to Panerai history. While none of the modern in-house Panerai calibers are certified as Swiss Chronometers, the OP XI featured in this Luminor 1950 PAM 127 is accompanied by its own COSC certificate. This Panerai Luminor 1950 PAM 127 - the famous "Fiddy" - is available from thewatchbox.com in outstanding condition with full factory accessories, manuals, boxes, and documentation. Everything including an authentic Panerai accessory leather strap and the original jeweler's tool for DIY swaps comes with this comprehensive collector's package. See it all in high-resolution photographs on www.watchuwnt.com. Video and content by Tim Mosso.