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Panerai Luminor Power Reserve PAM 28 Luxury Watch Review

http://www.thewatchbox.com If you were good in a past life, you come back as something better. But if you were the original 1999 B-series Luminor Power Reserve PAM 28, you *can't* come back any better. While Panerai reissued the PAM 28 in 2009 after years of collector entreaties, you can't beat the real thing: this 1999 Luminor Power Reserve PAM 28 is an early Vendome grail watch for hardcore Paneristi. As one of only 1,000 Luminor PAM 28s built in '99, this watch is a coveted collector's item. It was one of the first "black watches" that started a trend still seen in today's market of PVD and black ceramic luxury sports watches. A true historic piece, the PAM 28 is sought by collectors because it will never be confused with any other Panerai Luminor. And that individuality is key. Even the most ardent Paneristi will admit that their beloved watches can appear somewhat... similar. Not the PAM 28. Its jet-black case and unique Paris Hobnail (waffle) dial combine with the central power reserve gauge to create a one-off look. It's unmistakably a Panerai Luminor, but it's a standout. The dial's multiple lines of text and unique power reserve gauge calibration set the PAM 28 apart from the reissue model, and the case back engraving of each is distinct. The appeal of the original B-series Luminor Power Reserve PAM 28 is simple; would you rather own a replica 1966 Shelby 427 Cobra, or the real thing? If prefer like your V8s to be vintage and your watches classic, thewatchbox.com has your ticket. This Luminor Power Reserve PAM 28 is available from thewatchbox.com with full factory boxes, paperwork, manuals, and accessories. If you want to enjoy a throwback to the freewheeling early days of the Panerai hobby, the PAM 28 is your time machine. Video and content by Tim Mosso.