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Pre-SIHH Special: FP Journe Grail Watches With George Mayer *and* On tonight’s show, Tim Mosso welcomes George Mayer, Director of Sales and Watch Buying for Govberg Jewelers and Watchbox. From Rolex to Patek Philippe, George has seen, traded, and collected all leading Swiss watch brands, but FP Journe watches have captured his heart. Tim and George will present an array of vintage, rare, and boutique-exclusive collectible FP Journe watches with the insights and back stories that only a watch insider can provide. From the FP Journe Octa automatic watch family to the extraordinary FP Journe Vagabondage jumping time series, George offers a wide array of the FP Journe's most memorable luxury watches for collectors, connoisseurs, and new watch enthusiasts just discovering the brand. More than a presentation of rarities, tonight's FP Journe program will take viewers on a tour of Journe's career as a watchmaker and the full breadth and scope of his past work. Complications including tourbillon watches, chronographs, perpetual calendars, FP Journe Resonance watches, and automatic timepieces will be presented. George Mayer is a longtime member of the Govberg team with years of experience buying, trading, and selling luxury watches. George is both a watch buyer and a director of sales for the Watchbox team, and his insights into the world of pre-owned watches is unparalleled in the watch industry. He can be reached at 1-484-270-2045 for those who wish to buy luxury watches, trade luxury watches, or sell luxury watches. BUY WATCHES HERE: