Rolex & Omega: Limited Edition Redux; Zenith Brand Reboot, Tim' Favorite Watches of 2018

Luxury watch buyers and luxury watch collectors join Tim Mosso on a wide-ranging discussion of Rolex, Omega, Zenith watches, and a broad range of watch enthusiast topics. Tim opens with a quick discussion of why he prefers to wear his watches on straps rather than bracelets. With the exception of cut-rubber straps and fixed-size straps from Breitling and Patek Philippe, among others, Tim prefers straps for their comfort, tonal contrast with metal, and ease of adjustment. However, Tim still recommends that watch buyers pay extra for an optional bracelet at the time of purchase even if the buyers plan to wear the watch on a strap; bracelets as accessories cost more than watch bracelets purchased as original equipment, and bracelets bolster the resale value of your watch. A question about favorite watches of 2018 to date causes Tim to reflect on his favorites; the NOMOS Glashutte Autobahn Neomatik and the Singer Track 1 chronograph Hong Kong edition are Tim’s selections. The question of 2018 Breitling watches resurfaces; although Tim has judged the Breitling relaunch as a marginal effort, there are Breitling watches from the new collection that Tim enjoys a great deal; Navitimer 01 Chronograph 43, Navitimer 1 Automatic, Navitimer 8 Super 8 Titanium, and the Navitimer 8 Unitime are winners in Tim’s view. The primary feature of tonight’s show concerns the Zenith watch brand. While Breitling is experiencing its first brand reboot in 30 years, Zenith is undergoing its third in just over a decade. Tim leads watch collectors on an overview of Zenith watches’ recent history, its successes and failures, and the elements of the current turnaround that are and are not proving effective. Tim is a Zenith fan who venerates the brand and its history; no part of this professional assessment is intended with malice. Constructively critical humor, yes – but not malice. Watch buyers and enthusiasts will benefit from Tim’s insights into the new Zenith Defy series, exciting new technologies like the Zenith Defy Lab’s caliber CO342, and perspective on the most fruitful of Zenith’s design and marketing efforts. Finally, we offer suggested reading to our viewers; PuristS Pro moderator, Foversta’s masterful evaluation of Cyril Brivet-Naudot’s first watch, the Eccentricity, is not to be missed. All of this and watch collector wrist shots can be seen on this evening’s production of “Watches Tonight.” Win a free Breitling Colt Skyracer BEST ARTICLE OF THE WEEK: Buy, sell, and trade pre-owned watches: