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Rolex Day-Date II 218206 Luxury Watch Review

http://www.thewatchbox.com Hail to the Chief, one last time. The Rolex Day-Date II has joined the collector-coveted ranks of discontinued Rolex models as of 2015, replaced by the smaller "Day-Date 40mm." But take one look at this 41mm Day Date II in solid platinum, and see what future "presidents" will be missing. The Day-Date II features a trifecta of advantages for collectors: it's a discontinued Rolex *flagship* model; production was brief (2008-'14); and the Day-Date II is destined to remain the largest Rolex "President" available new or pre-owned. And thewatchbox.com has an example of the rarest Rolex Day-Date II: the platinum model. Rolex's Day-Date and Day-Date II are known universally as the Rolex "President." It's not hard to guess why. Every U.S. president from Kennedy to Clinton wore a variant of the watch. But none was fortunate enough to wear the 41mm Day-Date II. Their loss. The Day-Date II features high-impact wrist presence. It combines the elegant detailing of a dress watch with the robust stance of a sports watch. This example's stunning combination of 95-percent pure platinum and sunburst metallic blue dial compounds the effect. Not only does the watch pack the visual punch of a much larger timepiece, but it lands that blow with a "velvet glove." Nuance is good, and Rolex makes deft use of refined details to prevent this half-pound-plus of platinum Day-Date from overwhelming the optic nerves of onlookers. Contrasting finish is key; Rolex employs judicious use of brushed and polished surfaces to create definition. The sharp step of the bezel projects upward from the shoulder of the case flanks and creates a sharp contrast with their smooth arcs. Within the dial, Rolex extends the pattern of high-impact visuals. This Day-Date II features the uncommon sunburst/guilloche metallic blue dial from the watch’s launch. A radiant soleil pattern projects outward from the center and terminates at the edge of an hour track defined by deeply cut concentric guilloche circles. The matching cobalt blue baton hands complement the numerals and unify the dial from their junction point at center. At the periphery of the gulloche-defined Roman hour track, a small "train track" chapter ring provides a visual buffer between the numerals and the case wall. Like every great composition, micro and macro measures work in concert to complete the totality. While the timepiece nicknamed the "President," the legendary three-link President bracelet bears that name in earnest. With its fine alternating brushed and polished finish, seamless "Crownclasp" junction, and milled clasp, the latest Rolex President bracelet does justice to the grandeur of its namesake. thewatchbox.com is proud to offer this platinum Rolex Oyster Perpetual Day-Date II 218206 in outstanding condition. See it in high-resolution images on www.thewatchbox.com Video and content by Tim Mosso