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Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner 116619LB Luxury Watch Review This Rolex Submariner 116619LB was the standout star of the Rolex lineup at Baselworld 2008. Universally known as the "Smurf" by Rolex collectors, the 116619LB became the first of a new era of Rolex Submariners; bigger, more refined, mechanically enhanced, and rendered in unprecedented 18-karat white gold this Submariner dropped jaws. The star of the show is the 18-Karat white gold case. Rolex blends and stamps its own gold, and the Rolex white gold alloy is among the few in the industry that never needs to be replayed with rhodium; other watchmakers merely plate their inferior milky-yellow white blends. Rolex owns its own foundry and keeps its game on point. The Submariner 116619 boasts a face fit for a king - or a "Pappa" Smurf. This model launched a new sapphire blue look for the Rolex Submariner line. Although the previous 16613 two-tone Sub featured an explosive "soleil" metallic dial, the "Smurf" is a completely new style; the new Sub looks wet, lustrous, and deep. It's almost an *enamel* effect and reminiscent of the famed "Stella" lacquered Rolex dials of the late 1970s. With the Rolex 116619 Smuf, Rolex's "maxi" dial joined the regular production Submariners full-time (after a cameo on the 2004 16610LV). Originally launched with the upscale Yacht-Master sports model of 1992, the "maxi" features larger white gold indexes and "Mercedes" hands. It increases legibility in light and dark conditions, and the aesthetic is premium. Rolex pairs the striking blue dial with an equally arresting Cerachrom blue bezel insert. As the first Submariner ever to receive Rolex's in-house ceramic technology, the 116619 boasts scratch resistance and anti-aging qualities. The ceramic bezel insert rivals the hardness of the sapphire crystal itself. Any watch enthusiast who has experienced the incredible resilience of a sapphire crystal knows the score; this watch will look new for *decades* to come. Rolex fortified the next-generation Submariner with a "super" case designed to retain the nominal 40mm diameter while adding wrist presence. Lugs and crown guards grow in order to broader the shoulders of this classic diver, but clever ergonomics ensure that any enthusiast comfortable with traditional Subs will be able to wear this one with ease. And when speaking of a gold watch *more* metal is a good thing. This Rolex keeps pace with the AP Offshores of the world without suffering the bloat that afflicts so many modern sports watches. Inside the gold case beats a Rolex caliber 3135 automatic movements. All of the traditional Rolex virtues are present and correct. The movement is a COSC-certified Swiss Chronometer with a 50-hour power reserve, bomb-proof architecture, and silky-smooth teflon reversing wheels for imperceptible rotor movement. 2008 marked the first year that the movement received the Parachrom Blue hairspring. This Rolex exclusive Breguet overcool features substantial anti-magnetic, anti-shock, and temperature resistance compared to standard Nivarox units used by Rolex's industry rivals. is proud to offer this historic Rolex Submariner 116619LB with a full Rolex factory boxed set. All packaging, manuals, documents of provenance, and factory accessories are included. Even better is the fact that this watch retains the balance of Rolex's factory warranty, so the legendary Rolex durability is backed by the factory itself. Get the full dealer package without the full dealer price at Video and content by Tim Mosso.