About Day-Date

Among the many outstanding watches in the Rolex catalogue, the Day-Date is the watch that most unapologetically celebrates status and achievement. There are a few characteristics of this piece that set it apart from the rest of the line-up. First and foremost is the “day” indication at 12 o’clock. Much like the Datejust was the first watch to have an instantaneously changing date, the Rolex Day-Date is the first watch to feature an instantaneously changing, spelled-out day of the week indicator. This is not just a souped-up Datejust though. The Day-Date is only available in precious metals and has its own style of bracelet that is not found on any other Rolex – the Presidential bracelet. The watch itself has been nicknamed the “President” because of the many United States Presidents that have sported these models during their terms, the first of which was Lyndon B Johnson.

Rolex Day-Date History

Despite what the nickname may suggest, the Rolex President, or Rolex Day-Date, rose to its legendary status because of the many world leaders and prominent figures that wore it beyond the borders of the White House in addition to the US Presidents. From political leaders like Winston Churchill and Fidel Castro to macho movie characters like Jack Carter and Tony Soprano, these watches have always been found on the wrists of powerful, influential people. Released in 1963, the Rolex Day-Date hasn’t changed much since its debut, proving it’s a truly timeless classic.

What makes the Rolex Day-Date so desirable?

It is undeniable – the main allure of this piece is the status and cache it carries. When you strap on a Rolex Day-Date to your wrist, you are doing what so many world-changing figures did before you, and it is a special feeling that very few other watches can bring. The Rolex Day-Date is a watch that has it all – technological achievement in watchmaking first, a divisive history of heroes and villains donning the watch, a ruggedness of a sports watch that very few precious metal watches have, and its status as an achievement to own. Rolex is a company that established itself through innovations that aided in their creation of what weren’t luxury products, but rather high-quality tools that tell the time – just consider their Submariner or GMT. However, the Rolex Day-Date does not quite follow this trend. Rolex made this watch to be a stand-out symbol of achievement, and that is exactly what it is. Simply take a peek at the regal, all gold Day-Date or the Day-Date 1803 to understand the power behind these stately timepieces.

Why buy a pre-owned Rolex Day Date?

Going the pre-owned route to acquire a Rolex Day-Date is a savvy choice and good investment. While most watches lose a percentage of their value after being worn, this is often particularly true for precious metal pieces, so picking up a pre-owned Rolex Day-Date would be a much more cost-effective and value-driven option when compared to buying new. WatchBox’s ever-growing global inventory is the best place to start seeking out your Rolex Day-Date!

Learn About These Iconic Day-Date Dials

  • Stella Dials

    In the 1970s, Rolex released Day-Date watches with vibrant dial colors, known as Stella dials. Finished in bright colors such as pink, orange, pink, and green — these references are hard to come by. However, in 2020 Rolex released a new line of Oyster Perpetual references with vibrant dials reminiscent of the vintage enamel Stella dials.

    • The Champagne Dial

      The champagne dial is a staple in the Day-Date collection. It has been used on Day-Dates since the very first reference, 6510. Set in a yellow gold case, the champagne dial creates a monochromatic look, seen in our pre-owned Reference 18238.

      • The Lapis Lazuli Dial

        Rare Day-Date references like the 18239 are characterized by a memorizing Lapis Lazuli diamond dial. This material is challenging to work with — Lapis Lazuli is a metamorphic rock with a rich blue color.

        • Ice Blue Dials

          Another well-known colorway in the Day-Date family is ice blue. This dial color is reserved only for platinum Day-Date models, seen in Reference 118206. Learn more about this stunning combination in our review of the Platinum President Day-Date II.

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