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Photographer, Journalist & Horological Entrepreneur: A Conversation with Kristian Haagen

Kristian Haagen is a watch collector, photographer, journalist, self-described “horological entrepreneur,” and much more – which WatchBox explores in a special conversation between Kristian and Brian Govberg. The seeds for this conversation were actually planted back in November during Dubai Watch Week, and now for a little context… WatchBox launched a partnership in the Middle East with Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons in November, and Dubai Watch Week was essentially our ‘coming out party.’ We’re sure many of our viewers have read about, watched videos from, and may have even attended Dubai Watch Week in the past. It is a phenomenal experience, and in talking about the event with attendees, friends in the media, and brands, what we consistently hear is that it is educational, energizing, excitingly informative; and aside from serving as a great launchpad for our partnership, the environment was a natural fit for WatchBox’s ‘education meets entertainment’ approach to the watch business. To those who are hooked on the horological hobby, that type of environment brings out the best parts of watch collecting. Kristian and Brian connected over a shared admiration for Brian’s late-90s Roger Dubuis Sympathie, and through this video, the emotion, passion, storytelling, and historical significance of many special timepieces are brought to the surface. Kristian shares a number of exceptional watches from his personal collection with us – including a Rolex GMT-Master and a Submariner that belonged to two of his heroes; both war correspondents and authors of many books – plus other watches with memorable caseback engravings. He also highlights a few watches in WatchBox’s global inventory that caught his eye…which is your #1? Please Subscribe: View hundreds of hands-on luxury watch reviews at our WatchBox Reviews channel: Instagram: BUY WATCHES HERE: