WuW Live: Collector Conversation: John Gentile On Vintage Rolex, Breitling, & More

Buy, sell, or trade your watch here: Tim Mosso and watch collector Dr. John Gentile share a wide-ranging discussion of new, vintage, and late-model wristwatches. John offers insights into how he started his career as a watch collector; from his first two-tone Rolex Datejust turn-of-graph in the late 1970s to his foray into vintage Breitling and his adoption of a modern TAG Heuer Monaco (with factory python strap!), John offers a master class in how a "watch enthusiast" becomes a "watch collector." Along the way, Tim shares his own early memories of family members' watches, his history as a watch enthusiast, and his emergence as a devotee of Jaeger-LeCoutre. Both collectors share insights into their favorite watches, future targets, and least favorite trends in the luxury watch industry. John shares his "watch that got away," his plans to acquire an A. Lange & Sohne Zeitwerk, and his near-term plans to add a Corum Bubble to the collection. Tim and John discuss his extraordinary "hinge lug" Rolex Cellini 6623 - with golden jubilee dial - and reflect on the hidden value of a handsome, thin, and robust luxury Swiss quarts timepiece. When the live audience requests insights into the value to be found in the sub-$500 vintage space, Tim suggests vintage Zodiac formal options, the still undiscovered Zodiac SST Astrographic, non-Spaceview Bulova Accutron caliber 214 and 218 options; John zeros in to highlight the extraordinary value of 1940s and 1950s Omega watch dress models. Join's latest "Collector Conversation" for an evening of watches, memories, and insights.