Tamar Halpern has written and directed four features. Her third feature, premiering on Watchbox, is YOUR NAME HERE, a film she made with her son and shot entirely in their house and surrounding neighborhood of Silverlake, CA. Halpern wanted to make a film parents and kids could watch together and feel good about. After YOUR NAME HERE, she went on to write and direct JEREMY FINK AND THE MEANING OF LIFE, based on the beloved young adult book by Wendy Mass. Writing the scenes between Jeremy, 12, and his mother, played by Mira Sorvino, reminded Halpern of the scenes she and her son improvised together for YOUR NAME HERE. Though the two films have vastly different budgets, they both follow teen boys as they try to navigate the world and show the quirky love between moms and their sons as well. Most importantly to Halpern, they are films that kids can watch with their parents and hopefully come away feeling closer and more full of love.



Your Name Here

The story of two teenage boys who want to start a band.
Remember when you thought anything was possible?