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Watch Science

Swiss-trained watchmaker Mike Michaels uses his wit and watchmaking know-how to give viewers a front row seat into the world of watchmaking, with exclusive technology to explain the science of horology. For the first time, viewers get a front row seat inside the workshop of one of the watch industry’s most dynamic institutions. Grab your loupe and get ready.


WatchBox Studios offers insight, opinion, and entertainment for luxury watch novices and collectors alike. With live streaming programs, thousands of hands-on watch reviews, professionally-produced original content, and lifestyle videos, WatchBox is the largest luxury watch video library in the world - broadcasting to you from studios in the US, Hong Kong, and Switzerland.

Through WatchBox Studios, we have a remarkable opportunity to tap into the watch consumer’s emotional journey by connecting our people with luxury watch enthusiasts around the world. Subscribe to all of our 3 channels on YouTube and become one of the 5 million monthly views on the largest Luxury Watch Video network in the world.


Entertainment and educational features including WatchBox After Hours, Market Wrap, and Collector Conversations. With multiple shows uploaded every week, there is something for everyone.


The home of thousands of hands on watch reviews by the legendary Tim Mosso. Catch Watches Live Tuesday at 6pm Eastern. New Reviews added every day!