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Breitling for Bentley Continental GT Racing Chronograph Luxury Watch Review Now in its second decade, the Breitling for Bentley partnership is one of the most successful and most enduring co-branding deals on the luxury landscape. Why is that? Because it just flat-out makes sense: big, bold, and beautiful is a winning combination for devotees of watches and wheels. The Breitling for Bentley Continental GT Racing Chronograph is a 45mm stainless steel tribute to the Crewe automaker's most important model of the modern era. From the moment of its launch in 2003, the Bentley Continental GT became company’s most drivable, advanced, and uncompromised product. And it became the best-selling Bentley model of all-time. Breitling graces its Continental GT Racing Chronograph with a suitable tribute to its namesake; the 2003-to-2010 first-generation Bentley Continental GT is embossed on the caseback. But it’s the dial that sets this Breitling for Bentley “Continental GT” apart from the rest of its counterparts in the B for B lineup. With a lacquered gloss white dial that recalls the legendary Rolex “stella” dials of the 1970s, the Breitling for Bentley Continental GT Racing Chronograph has a face with the luster and radiant energy to give a full-size “Conti” a run for its money. In all but the faintest light, the gloss shine of this Breitling’s dial is sufficient to impart an impression of real physical depth; it assumes the glistening appearance of fresh ice before the cut of the first skater’s stride. And because every “Bentley” requires a motor to match, the Breitling caliber 13B chronograph keeps the good times “rolling” in this “Bentley Continental.” With automatic winding, a useful day-date display,” COSC-chronometer certification, and its signature chronograph, the caliber 13B is the ideal partner for this upscale boulevardier. And speaking of scales, the classic Breitling circular slide rule makes an appearance on the Breitling for Bentley Continental GT Racing Chronograph. Now calibrated in units appropriate to automotive applications (read: motorsports), this version works a bit differently than the one on the traditional Navitimer. Rest assured, it still works just fine for currency conversions, calculating tips at restaurants, and all basic multiplication and division. This Breitling for Bentley Continental GT Racing Chronograph can be viewed in high-resolution images on This Breitling represents the ideal gift for fans of fine watches and fine motorcars. Video and content by Tim Mosso.