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Grönefeld Watches: The Exclusive Interview, Tim & Bart Grönefeld on Independent Watchmaking

Contact for pricing and availability; Either I have it, or I can get it! A discussion of luxury watches, watchmaking, and style with Tim and Bart Grönefeld, the horological brothers of The Netherlands. This recording covers the brothers’ early years in a watchmaking family, formal training, and their development of today’s Grönefeld watches. Watch collectors will hear the Grönefelds' philosophy of watch design, evolution of case sizing, and the challenges of running a luxury watch brand during the pandemic era. Tim and Bart began their careers in The Netherlands before stops in Switzerland and the United Kingdom. In 1998, they moved back to Holland to build watches under their own name in their family's historic watchmaking shop. Late 2008 witnessed the launch of ther first Grönefeld watch, the GTM-06 with tourbillon with minute repeater. Since 2008, Tim and Bart Grönefeld have launched the One Hertz, the Parallax Tourbillon the 1941 Remontoir, the 1941 Principia Automatic, and the 10th anniversary Decennium Tourbillon. In this video, the Grönefelds hint that more watch models, a larger watchmaking workshop, and bolder designs will arrive in the near future. Hobbies including cars and watch collecting also are mentioned. Please subscribe to our channel for the best luxury watch reviews on YouTube: Visit our website at for the latest pre-owned luxury watch arrivals and industry-leading value in previously loved luxury timepieces.