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Panerai PAM177 Luminor Marina Titanio Luxury Watch Review Panerai is a brand that is defined by heritage. The essential appeal of the watchmaker is inextricably linked to combat, special forces, form-follow-function design specs, and heavy-duty applications in harm's way. Naturally, the most revered and coveted models in the Panerai universe are those that hail from this era or reference it directly. But there is another legacy that is beginning to dawn on the global cadre of "Paneristi" superfans. Self-awareness of the modern Panerai history, which started with the company's civilian model launch in 1993, had led to growing nostalgia for the early days of the Florentine watch label. Timepieces from prior to and immediately after the Richemont luxury group's acquisition of the company already command a premium on the pre-owned market, and now they are beginning to inspire factory tribute watches. In effect, the PAM00177 Luminor Marina Titanio pays tribute to two "Golden Ages" of Panerai. The combat diver years, when the "Luminor" case shape and crown device emerged, already stands as a celebrated epoch in Panerai history. But the pre-Vendome (Richemont) and early Vendome eras are beginning to gain mainstream recognition as the cradle of Panerai's contemporary success. With the PAM00177, Panerai celebrates its finest moments - old and new. Video and content by Tim Mosso.