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Patek Philippe 3634 Grande Ellipse Vintage Luxury Watch Review Vintage Patek Philippe was the origin of the modern vintage wristwatch movement. In the early 1980s, before vintage collecting was a "thing" vintage Patek Philippe already had momentum. While vintage fads have come and gone, there's only one eternal champion of the movement: this Patek Philippe Grande Ellipse automatic is the 18-karat gold standard for historic watch collectors. Launching in 1975 and produced for only 4-5 model years, the Grande Ellipse offered a larger case and automatic winding for those who admired the original 1968 Golden Ellipse but wanted more. More size, more wrist presence, more watchmaking refinement in the movement. And this 33mm (wide) x 38mm (lug to lug) Grande Ellipse delivered all that and more. Its rare use of a completely buff black onyx (!) dial packs the luster and gloss depth of enamel while making the otherwise clean Roman/metallic version of the 3634 look almost busy by comparison. A matching black onyx cabochon adorns the crown. Patek Philippe employs a robust triple-step bezel to imbue the Grande Ellipse with superb wrist presence despite a wafer-like 6.5 mm ultra thin case. There's no Video and content by Tim Mosso