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A. Lange & Sohne

A.Lange & Sohne is an historic German name revived by its founding family after the fall of East German communism. Under the direction of Lange family scion Walter Lange and watch industry legend Günter Blümlein, the re-born Saxon horologer presented its first modern wristwatches in the fall of 1994. Since that watershed moment, the Glashütte-based brand has risen to rival the mechanical innovations and artisanal finish of the greatest Swiss houses. Often described as the “German Patek Philippe,” Lange’s unique designs and traditions make it more than a mere rival to Patek; Lange is a true alternative.

A. Lange & Sohne Watches

Lange & Söhne timepieces are considered to be some of the finest luxury watches available in the world today,. Combining exquisite detailing with mechanical precision and rich materials, these watches are complicated, exclusive and an indication of pedigree for wearers. The majority of watches crafted by this company are made from platinum or 18 karat gold, and the plates and bridges of the movement are crated out of silver. The designs of these watches are so unique and distinctive that it is easy to distinguish this brand from other luxury Swiss watch brands. In fact, the exclusivity of this watch and perceived luxury has caught the eye of countless celebrities, including A-list actor Brad Pitt and the president of CBS, Leslie Moonves.

History of A. Lange & Sohne Watches

Lange & Söhne, was founded by Ferdinand Adolph Lange near Dresden, Germany in a town called Glashutte in 1845. For many years, the company produced just pocket watches, with the very best products being given the designation of “1A.” After the company was carried on by several generations of the Lange family, the watchmakers eventually switched gears and began to create oversized wrist watches. Today, these watches are sold around the globe, and just like IWC, A. Lange & Sohne is a prominent member of the Richemont group.

What Makes A. Lange & Söhne Timepieces So Appealing?

The luxury materials used, and impeccable design are two contributing factors to the popularity of the watches today. Additionally, these watches have a unique and distinctive appearance, which help to set them apart from other Swiss made watches. As a result, countless consumers find the look, style and elegance appealing, leading to large collections of this exclusive timepiece.

Why Should You Purchase a Pre-Owned A. Lange & Sohne Timepiece?

There have been countless models and styles of A. Lange & Sohne pocket watches and wristwatches created through the years. While there are a number of modern options being produced today, WatchBox offers something a bit more exclusive. When you browse their collection, you will find like-new, pre owned A. Lange & Sohneversions pocket watch, allowing you to go back in history and wear a truly exquisite, no longer in production timepiece on your wrist.

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