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About De Bethune

Firmly positioned as a creative watchmaker in the independent luxury space, De Bethune is renowned for its mechanical ingenuity, eye-catching materials, and innovative movements. De Bethune was founded in 2002 by David Zanetta and Denis Flageollet in La Chaux, Switzerland. Armed with a passion for technology and a knack for the creative, the brand operates with the mindset that they’re a research and development tool devoted to chronometric precision. Every De Bethune timepiece boasts a unique, almost futuristic design and interesting movements, mechanics, and materials. Fascinating watchmakers, skilled engineers, and brilliant developers are the fabric of De Bethune, crafting technical and visual innovations that have never been seen before—yet, somehow manage to honor the spirit of great 18th century watchmaking. Discover other exceptional mechanical masterpieces when you browse our collections of pre-owned Skeleton and Tourbillon watches from top luxury brands.

The Distinctions of De Bethune

Designing, producing, and developing all of its own timepieces, De Bethune never ceases to inspire and impress watch enthusiasts and collectors. Since its founding, it has developed around 27 calibres, presented about 30 world premiers, and registered a number of patents in addition to producing 150 one-off pieces to satisfy collectors with niche expectations and interests. Inspiring De Bethune’s culture of innovation, co-founder, master watchmaker, and creative talent Denis Flagoellet works tirelessly to combine classic watchmaking skills with a contemporary technical process, leveraging CAD and CNC technology—his work has been recognized by national and international prizes, as well as eight patents and two registered designs. And of course, one cannot discuss De Bethune without making mention of their extraordinary material innovation, specifically the process of thermal oxidation that brings us “Kind of Blue” and “Yellow Tones.” You can find both of these vibrant hues in our pre-owned collection of De Bethune watches including this DB28 in a metallic blue titanium, and this DB28, designed with an eye-catching yellow titanium case. Interested in building your own collection of colorful timepieces? Read this article to explore a selection of watches with unique dial—and case—colors.

Remarkable De Bethune Timepieces

With an impressive collection of watches and awards to support them, it can be challenging to create a list of top De Bethune pieces—but, a few in particular stand out. The DB28 collection is one of their most creative and impressive, featuring a number of different models, movements, and materials with a particular focus on steel wheels. De Bethune’s DB25 collection is also notable, housing one of the most beautiful watches on the market, the Starry Varius. This model features a mirrored blue dial with intricate, individual gold stars that can be configured to reflect any night sky. If you’d like to learn more about the DB28 collection features, read this article about its long power reserve. Or, discover other watches that interest you as you explore our collection of Swiss watches.

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