Glashutte Original

For 165 years, the name “Glashütte” has been a synonym for high-quality watchmaking, German precision, and exquisite design. Since the foundation by F.A. Lange of the first watchmaking company in the German town of Glashütte in 1845, Glashütte Original has always known how to meet its customers’ demands for high precision and outstanding quality. Glashütte Original continues to pursue this tradition today, creating mechanical masterpieces in accordance with the rigorous standards of the Saxon art of watchmaking.

Glashutte Original Watches

The Glashütte Original brand of watches harnesses the power and creativity of watchmakers, creating timepieces that provide wearers with an undeniable contemporary look. These watches have characteristically asymmetrical dial visuals, as well as aesthetics that has been inspired by modern technology, rendering them as a sophisticated synthesis of modernity and tradition. In fact, the elegance, contemporary style, and precision timekeeping ability are what attracted a star such as Joel McHale to the brand. However, the popularity of this brand didn’t stop there – the 42nd president of the U.S. Bill Clinton has also been known to wear the flagship model of the brand.

History of Glashütte Original Watches

Over 170 years ago, the very first watchmakers settled in the area of Glashutte (properly written as Glashuette in English). These individuals possessed the expertise and passion necessary to develop the brand and create a culture of excellence and creativity over the years. The brand known today as Glashütte Original has changed names several times during the course of development. While there isn’t much known about the early days of this brand, it is clear that the dedication to creating exquisite timepieces is something that has lasted through the generations. Today, Glashuette Original is owned by the Swatch Group and renowned for its Senator and Panomatic collections.

What Makes Glashütte Watches So Appealing?

The Glashütte Original brand embodies the spirit and innovation of modern German watchmaking, which is an art that still to this day, meets and exceeds the highest standards of quality. By using state-of-the-art production technologies, modern consumers have access to exclusive timepieces that provide timeless elegance and extreme precision.

Why Should You Buy a Pre-Owned Glashutte Original Watch?

Purchasing a pre-owned Glashütte Original watch from WatchBox gives you the opportunity to explore the entire catalog of models and styles that this brand has produced over the years. We are dedicated to finding and offering the highest quality, pre-owned and like-new luxury watches offered by this brand.

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