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Gold Watches for Men: A Lesson in Luxury

Perhaps one of the most prestigious symbols of luxury throughout history, gold watches for men have stood the test of time. Browse our exquisite array of pre-owned gold watches for men from Patek Philippe, A. Lange & Sohne, Rolex, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Vacheron Constantin, and many more.

Explore Our Gold Watches for Men

Today, watch collectors often discuss innovation through the lens of material science, giving luxury brands who create proprietary metals, alloys, and composites a particular edge. Learn more about some of the leaders in this space, and discover which materials they’re using to create handsome gold watches for men.

  • Rolex
    In 2005, Rolex introduced their proprietary blend of 18-karat pink gold called Everose. This metal combines pure gold, copper, and trace amounts of platinum to create rose gold watches for men that never lose their warm red hue. The Everose metal is found throughout our collections of pre-owned Day-Date and Datejust watches. Learn about Rolex’s other proprietary materials such as Oystersteel and Cerachrom by reading this article.

  • A. Lange & Sohne
    Since 2010, A. Lange & Söhne’s exclusive Honey Gold alloy has been used to create gold watches for men that are unique in color. Harder than other gold alloys, this patented material is reminiscent of the sweet liquid produced by bees and much harder than platinum. Strikingly resistant to damage, the exact formula remains a secret, but you can admire the stunning material in several pre-owned models in our collection.

  • Omega
    Creating a patented alloy blend called Sedna gold, Omega combines gold, copper, and palladium to design long-lasting, luminous rose gold watches for men. As an 18k rose gold, Sedna has a minimum gold content of 75% and is mixed with just the right amount of copper and palladium to craft a metal that boasts a distinct red hue.

  • Panerai
    Among the many Panerai proprietary materials and metals is Goldtech, a metal that's made using a percentage of copper that imbues it with a rich, intense red hue. Goldtech also contains platinum which prevents it from oxidizing. These gold watches for men are strikingly modern yet uniquely timeless.

Buying Gold Watches for Men

As the world’s leading platform for buying, selling, and trading pre-owned luxury watches, all of our gold watches for men are presented for sale after undergoing thorough inspection and service, guaranteeing the quality of each timepiece. Our extensive collection features some of the most popular luxury watch brands on the market, plus timepieces from niche watchmakers who specialize in unique styles, functions, and complications. Interested in exploring collections beyond our gold watches for men? Check out our unrivaled selection of stainless steel and dress watches for options fit for any occasion.

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