A Swiss brand of American origin, Hamilton describes itself as a union of American spirit and Swiss precision. The company traces its name and reputation back to the year 1892 and Lancaster, Pennsylvania. After decades of pocket watch production – especially for official railroad use –  Hamilton played a key role in supplying the U.S. Navy with navigation chronometer clocks during World War Two. After the war, Hamilton continued as a defense supplier with the early “canteen” submersible watch for the Bureau of Ships; at the same time, the 1950’s design icon, the Hamilton Ventura by Richard Arbib, established a potent legacy of space-age aesthetics. As part of the Swiss SSIH and successor Swatch Group since 1974, Hamilton’s Swiss-made model line continues to draw on its American heritage for design and engineering inspiration.

Hamilton Watches

For more than 60 years, the distinctive watches offered by the Hamilton brand have caught the eye of the top screen stylists in the world. This is why these watches have been worn by countless actors in famous roles including Bill Pullman in “Independence Day: Resurgence,” James A. Woods in the same movie, and Dwayne Johnson in “Central Intelligence.”

History of Hamilton Watches

In 1892, Hamilton was founded in the town of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, making this one of the few U.S. based watch companies in existence at the time. By 1912, the company had released their first series of pocket watches, which earned the name of “The watch of Railroad accuracy.” This is because during the time, the railroads worked with more than 50 varying “times,” and Hamilton provided accurate watches to this community. In 1914, Hamilton was named as the supplier of timepieces to the US Armed Forces. In 1942, the company ceased production of all civilian watches to focus on making the one million timepieces needed by the military. In 1970, the company created the first LED digital watch and today, the same innovation and creativity are being put into new models and designs of the Hamilton brand of timepieces.

What Makes Hamilton Watches So Appealing?

Hamilton watches are considered favorites among pilots; however, they are worn and collected by countless people around the globe. That’s because this brand of watches combines the American spirit with the latest Swiss technology and unrivaled precision.

Why Should You Purchase a Pre-Owned Hamilton Watch?

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