Founded in 1904 by Paul Cattin and Georges Christian, Oris continues to expertly craft mechanical timepieces in the village of Holstein, Switzerland today, while adhering to an underlying doctrine: Real watches for real people. Easily recognized by their distinctive design and iconic red rotor, Oris timepieces are built to withstand an active lifestyle, yet appear sophisticated and refined in aesthetic. The four Oris worlds of aviation, motor sport, culture and diving lend each of the company’s four primary collections its own personality, and inspire its design features. Oris’ sponsoring partners provide essential feedback during development, design and testing to ensure that all watches are indeed the best that they can be: Real watches for real people.

Oris Watches

An Oris watch is a favorite brand for those who require uncompromising craftsmanship and quality, combined with impeccable designs. Modern and vintage collections available today show off the Swiss-based brand’s fanaticism to make every single detail as perfect as possible. Focusing only on automatic and mechanic movements, aviator and diver models are some of the most popular options that fuel the need to collect more than one. This watch has even caught the eye of wrestler turned movie star, Dwayne Johnson, who wore an Oris ProDiver Date watch in his role as Luke Hobbs in “Fast & Furious 6.” The brand also created a Bob Dylan limited edition watch as a tribute to this living legend.

History of Oris Watches

Originally founded by Georges Christian and Paul Cattin in 1904, this company was developed in the small Swiss town of Holstein. The pair purchased a recently closed factory and entered into a contract with the mayor of the town, naming the company after a brook nearby. By 1911, this watchmaking factor was the largest employer in all of Holstein, and it continued to expand so that by the year 1929 there were factories in six different cities. However, until 1925, the company focused solely on pocket watches, making the transition to wristwatches during this year. An extremely important milestone for the brand occurred in 1938 when Oris introduced its first watch for pilots, which featured a Pointer Calendar and large crown. To remain in business, during World War II, Oris began to create alarm clocks, having some that are still in production today. The company continued to grow and expand, until modern times, where it is now considered a leading luxury watch brand around the globe.

What Makes Oris Watches So Appealing?

The unique style and interesting history are two factors that encourage individuals to purchase their first Oris watch. However, it is the precision seen in the craftsmanship of the timepieces that have buyers coming back time and time again to purchase more models, including those in production, as well as the older ones that are now iconic.

Why Should You Purchase Pre-Owned Oris Watches? 

Purchasing an Oris watch preowned from WatchBox is a smart move. By doing this, you have access to a wide array of models and styles – some that are no longer in production. This is a great way to build or begin your own collection of Oris watches, as well.

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