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About Vacheron Constantin

Selected by presidents and worn by leaders across the globe since 1858, Vacheron Constantin watches are rugged yet elegant, innovative and classic, and the brand and style preferred by men and women who are unafraid of adventure and exploration. For centuries, Vacheron Constantin has worked to perfect watch complications like the tourbillon and world time, cementing their name as a leader among the most renowned manufacturers in the industry. Today, modern celebrities still see the value in this brand, with this watch having been spotted on the wrist of Alexander Skarsgard, who is known for his role as Tarzan, producer Vishal Rungta, Tim Story, the director of “Ride Along,” and Gold actor, Edgar Ramirez. Perhaps more importantly, the brand is known for its sporty Overseas collection and the more dressy Patrimony family. Flaunting technical precision, avante-garde designs, robust functionality, and a beloved name that’s as old as time, Vacheron Constantin offers something for every collector looking for an elite timepiece.

Vacheron Constantin: The History

The tradition of Vacheron watches was started by 24-year-old watchmaker Jean-Marc Vacheron in 1755 in the Vallée de Joux outside of Geneva. At this time, he gathered basic materials and created a true timekeeping masterpiece. Then in 1785, Vacheron’s son, Abraham, took over the watchmaking business during the French Revolution. Until 1817, the workshop was run entirely by the family, and then French businessman Francois Constantin brought expansion ideas to the Vacherons. Soon afterward, the brand adopted both family names.

  • A Prosperous Partnership

    After Vacheron Constantin became the official name of the manufacture, the iconic Maltese Cross logo quickly caught the attention of many, serving as a recognizable symbol of superior quality, craftsmanship, and precision. Throughout the French Revolution and both World Wars, Vacheron Constantin watches remained a favorite among princes and kings, and expanded into new markets in the U.S. and South America. Even today, the brand's legacy continues, and every piece created still undergoes careful scrutiny by the Geneva office to make sure that the watch’s quality meets the requirements to receive the Hallmark of Geneva seal of approval. Today, Vacheron Constantin is known as part of the “Holy Trinity” of watch brands alongside Patek Philippe and Audemars Piguet.


Explore Vacheron Constantin Models

From its beginnings in the 18th century, Vacheron Constantin introduced compelling complications and fascinating functions that shaped the world of luxury timepieces for good. Today, the brand is recognized for its technical skill in creating perpetual calendars, moon phase displays, and the gravity-defying tourbillon to name a few. Learn more about a handful of its most notable timepieces including the infamous Overseas.

  • Overseas

    The Phase 1 Vacheron Constantin Overseas was released in 1996 as a descendant of their iconic 222 model. This casual yet elegant statement watch features an integrated bracelet design, tonneau-shaped case, and all the functionality of a robust sports piece. Due to its fame and praise, it’s available in several styles and limited editions today. For example, watch this expert review of the Overseas Automatic Deep Stream to see a model up close, or discover this Ultra-Thin Boutique Exclusive ref. 2000V/120G-B122 featuring a 18k white gold case and mesmerizing gray dial. Interested in chronograph iterations? Read this review of the Vacheron Overseas Chronograph, as well as this one discussing the Overseas Chronometer in a decadent 18k yellow gold.

  • Patrimony

    If you’re looking for an elegant model that offers a wide range of complications, functions, and material options, the Vacheron Constantin Patrimony is a great collection to explore. To start, various references include minute repeaters, perpetual calendars, and a moon phase retrograde date. Discover this pre-owned Patrimony Perpetual Calendar ref. 49005/000P-7622 for a sleek white dial timepiece, or this handsome ref. 8118/0000R-B518 with a 18k rose gold case and striking blue dial.

  • Historiques

    To pay tribute to their centuries-old tradition in excellence, Vacheron Constantin created the Historiques collection to provide contemporary reinterpretations of some of their most infamous models. Find breathtaking pieces like this Historiques Ultra-Fine piece with a square rose gold case, or this “Cornes de Vache 1955” model in our pre-owned suite.

  • Other Noteworthy Models

    With a brand that is centuries old, it’s no surprise that they’ve released several watches and collections over the years — ones that are no longer easy to come by on the market. For example, discover this pre-owned Saltarello Jump Hour timepiece for a rare find, or watch this video about the Vacheron Constantin Toledo 1952 model.



Is Vacheron Constantin a good watch brand?

Yes, Vacheron Constantin is an excellent watch brand, boasting a centuries-old tradition in precision, excellence, and innovation. Plus, they are considered a part of the “Holy Trinity” of watchmaking, joining the ranks of Patek Philippe and Audemars Piguet.

How do you spot a fake Vacheron Constantin watch?

First, an authentic Vacheron Constantin watch features an official seal of the Hallmark of Geneva, stamped on the lead seal. This should be a gold-colored seal with “Geneva” written on the bottom. Additionally, the movement should be stamped with the Hallmark of Geneva, as well as the brand’s name. Overall, be sure to examine the watch for its details and ensure all text is spelled correctly. For more information, read this article about red flags and how to avoid rip-offs when buying a watch.

How do you pronounce Vacheron Constantin?

Vacheron Constantin is pronounced as follows — va·chr·uhn kaan·stuhn·teen

How much is a Vacheron Constantin watch?

All pre-owned Vacheron Constantin watches vary in price due to various factors like supply and demand, model, condition, boxing, and official documentation. Currently however, our inventory of pieces range in cost from $6,750 to $54,950.

Does WatchBox guarantee the quality of their Vacheron Constantin watches?

Yes, WatchBox guarantees the quality and authenticity of all pre-owned Vacheron Constantin watches. Our in-house team of Swiss-trained refinishers, watchmakers, and technicians inspect each piece and bring them back to manufacturer standards before presenting it for sale. Plus, we offer a 2-Year Sales Warranty. Learn more about our quality standards and authentication process on our website.

Vacheron Constantin Pricing Guide

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