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WuW Live: Hodinkee Vacheron Constantin Historiques 1955 Cornes de Vache Limited Edition

Buy, Sell, or Trade your watch here: http://www.thewatchbox.com Tim Mosso salutes Hodinkee for contracting with Vacheron Constantin for the Historiques 1955 Cornes de Vache limited edition of 36 pieces for Hodinkee. Tim reflects on the significance of this deal for both parties and concludes that it's a greater milestone for Hodinkee than for Vacheron. The Geneva watchmaker suffered a brutal 2016 in a marketplace that failed to embrace the 2016 Overseas sports watch collection. Finally, Tim discusses the relative legitimacy of the Breitling Emergency as an article of safety gear and concludes that regardless of how consumers will use the watch, the capability is deadly serious and has a strong track record of performing well for the few who have required its emergency transponder capabilities. Significantly, Tim notes that the Breitling Emergency can be used without legal liability in situations beyond conventional aviation distress; wilderness and maritime emergencies can be a sufficient medical or safety basis for activating the transponder without repercussions from federal and international authorities. Video and content by Tim Mosso and Pheline Jerome.