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WuW Mythbusters: Are Quartz Watches Disposable By Nature?

Buy, sell, or trade your watch here: http://www.thewatchbox.com Tim Mosso and Mike Michaels bust a watch collector myth that won't die; quartz watches are disposable by design. Flat-out FALSE. Tim and Mike cite luxury quartz calibers that prove myth to be bogus: Rolex Oysterquartz quartz chronometer calibers 5035 and (Day-Date) 5055. These exquisite thermocompensated (Swiss lever, 11-jewel!) calibers have been pulling yeoman duty in daily service since 1977, and the movements have proved to be lifetime companions to their fortunate owners. Beyond Rolex, Breitling Aerospace models built since 1985 (caliber 56, ETA 988 base) remain in service with their owners around the world. And of course, the Seiko Credor Spring Drive calibers 7R08 and 7R14 prove that Philippe Dufour-level finish, quartz timing circuits, and mechanical drive trains can co-exist. There exists a crystalline spectrum between rock candy and diamonds; the same qualitative gulf separates true luxury quartz from Happy Meal toys and ten-dollar mall watches. We rate this rumor a resounding FALSE. Video and content by Tim Mosso and Pheline Jerome.