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WuW Mythbusters: Do You Lose Platinum When Refinishing A Watch?

Buy, sell, or trade your watch here: Tim Mosso and Mike Michaels discuss an often repeated rumor; refinishing platinum watches or jewelry does not remove metal. The rumor correctly identifies the unique malleability of platinum, which generally becomes displaced but remains attached alongside the scratch, dent, or channel created by an abrasion. It is true that **most** of the displaced platinum can be smoothed back into the channel from which it was displaced, so professional refinishing of a platinum watch will remove FAR LESS precious metal than refinishing of and equivalent gold watch. Gold, by comparison, tends to be "leveled" down to the base of a scratch in order to remove marks; this process removes far more material than the refinishing of platinum. Because the platinum refinishing rumor has a basis in fact, we rate it PARTIALLY TRUE. Video and content by Tim Mosso and Pheline Jerome.