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About Balancier

The Greubel Forsey Balancier is the perfect example of skilled craftsmanship where artistic expression is a priority. Like other masterpieces by Greubel Forsey, this timepiece features clean lines and a well-balanced form. It hints at the mechanisms beneath the dial and accentuates them with beautiful color.

The Balancier is a perfect embodiment of everything Greubel Forsey stands for, from its distinct style to its superior quality. Like other models, the Greubel Forsey Balancier has different versions, each with its own personality. If you’re interested in something inspired by the USA, the Balancier Asymetrique USA Limited Edition ref. BALANC ASYM USA is a good example. For a bold statement in blue that is both elegant and masculine, the Balancier Sport Limited Edition ref. GF09X is a beautiful choice. Passionate, sporty and bold, the Balancier S ref. BALANCIER S has an unmistakable presence whether stored safely in a collection or worn proudly on the wrist. And, finally, the Double Balancier Limited Edition ref. P00193 is a casual, yet elegant wristwatch that stands out—but without a bold profile.

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