About Tourbillon

Many Greubel Forsey wristwatches feature an open architecture. For many iterations of this luxury timepiece, this allows for a fascinating view of how these watches work. Expert craftsmen at Greubel Forsey use a tourbillon to create a more accurate timepiece that negates the effects of gravity. View the exquisite details and intricate design of the Tourbillon in this review by Tim Mosso.

Every Greubel Forsey Tourbillon—like every timepiece made by the Swiss watchmakers—has a carefully crafted design with quality and artistic expression being essential. And, it isn’t limited to the elegant style reserved for formal wear. The Double Tourbillon 30 Degree Technique ref. DBL TRB 30 BLK, or the Tourbillon 24 Secondes Asymetrique ref. GF01, are beautiful examples of how an artistic, creative wristwatch can be worn casually, or for a formal occasion.

Tourbillon Pricing Guide