A propos de Oysterquartz

Before the Oysterquartz was introduced in 1976, Rolex released their first limited-series 18-karat gold quartz watch in 1970. The Rolex Date Reference 5100 was powered by the Beta-21 movement and used a 40mm case to house the caliber. This caliber was developed as a result of the Centre Electronique Horloger, a group of twenty Swiss luxury watch brands who united to develop the movement. However, due to the Beta-21’s large size and awkward dimensions, Rolex was unable to use their renowned Oyster case. This led the brand to leave the Centre Electronique Horloger to pursue the development of their own quartz movement.

In 1972, Rolex began to conceptualize the Oysterquartz. Five years later, they introduced the quartz caliber Oysterquartz 5035 for the Datejust and the 5055 for Day-Date Oysterquartz models. Unlike other quartz movements at the time, the caliber 5035 featured eleven jewels and resembled more of a traditional watch movement. Eighteen months after the caliber 5035 was released, it was certified by the COSC. The Rolex Oysterquartz was produced for 25 years and saw a surge in interest after its discontinuation in 2001. It’s estimated that only 25,000 timepieces were made for market, making this model uncommon to find.

Oysterquartz Models

The Oysterquartz was vastly different from other watches in Rolex’s catalog. With an angular case and integrated bracelet, it resembled models like the Royal Oak from Audemars Piguet. The Oysterquartz Datejust was produced in three 36mm models: Reference 17000 in stainless steel, Reference 17013 in stainless steel and yellow gold, and Reference 17014 in stainless steel and white gold. Learn more about Reference 17013 when you read this review.

Rolex Oysterquartz Day-Date models were available in two main models: Reference 19018 in yellow gold and Reference 19019 in white gold. Special edition Oysterquartz Day-Dates were released with precious jewels and unique design elements.

How much is a Rolex Oysterquartz worth?

Because Rolex Oysterquartz watches were discontinued in 2001 and there are a limited number of models available on the pre-owned market, it makes sense to invest in one—they are a rare collectible. However, because of its quartz movement, they are not as expensive as other Rolex watches that feature in-house mechanical movements. Currently, our inventory of Oysterquartz watches ranges in price from $5,950 to $13,950. These prices may fluctuate based on demand, condition, material, and other factors.

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