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What is Watchbox?

WatchBox™ is the global destination for luxury pre-owned timepieces, offering an expertly curated inventory of luxury pre-owned watches for sale, personalized client services, educational opportunities and astute editorial content. Fueled by tech-aided convenience.

In tune with today’s modern connected consumer, The WatchBox operates under the premise that time is your greatest luxury, and pricing transparency is paramount to establish trust. Our team of 140 associates are some of the most passionate watch enthusiasts in the business, maintaining a level of knowledge regarding the history, nuances of current collections and pulse of the secondary marketplace to welcome you into our world; lend expert council and keep you captivated.

We have developed dynamic services to support collecting behaviors, buying, selling and trading of watches from private clients - from you - and our platform is backed by extensive and reliable market data. WatchBox's global team of 140 associates maintain a level of knowledge regarding the history, nuances of current collections and pulse of the secondary market to ensure authenticity, value and expert council as you buy, sell and trade timepieces from your personal collection. And we get it; we're watch enthusiasts too.

We invite you to discover WatchBox online, over the phone, through our mobile app and within showrooms and private buying offices in Hong Kong and the United States. This is just the beginning. Redefining the luxury experience.

WatchBox is the result of a game-changing partnership between Danny Govberg, CEO of Govberg Jewelers, Tay Liam Wee, former owner of Sincere Watch, and investor-entrepreneur Justin Reis. This partnership brings together unprecedented watch industry experience, innovative technology, sophisticated data systems and marketing, as well as financial strength and business acumen to positively transform the multi-billion-dollar pre-owned luxury watch industry.

Our Founders

Danny Govberg Co-Founder, CEO Danny is a pioneering force of the contemporary watch industry. His vision and insatiable passion for watches and technology enabled the evolution of Govberg from a Philadelphia-based retail shop to one of the world’s premier authorized dealers of both new and pre-owned timepieces. Danny recognized years ago that selling new watches was only one way to support the life of a watch collector, and set in motion a tech-forward pre-owned strategy that inspired the evolution of WatchBox.
Tay Liam Wee Chairman Tay Liam Wee is widely recognized as one of the watch industry's most dynamic entrepreneurs. He was instrumental in transforming Sincere Watch from traditional family-owned company into a pan-Asian luxury watch institution, taking it public in both Singapore and Hong Kong before selling in 2012. The ascent of WatchBox represents Liam's return to the watch category, coming out of 'retirement' to transform WatchBox into a global pre-owned powerhouse. Danny and Liam Wee are contemporaries and long-time friends, and this partnership represents the uniting of the two largest global watch markets.
Justin Reis Co-Founder Justin Reis is a seasoned investor and entrepreneur across various industries. He has extensive experience working with businesses and management teams to grow their operations and scale business models to global levels, and his 20+ years of experience in private equity investing in Asia will be critical in scaling WatchBox's Asian division.

Our Mission

Pioneering changes in the global watch industry.

WatchBox is the leading ecommerce platform for the buying, selling and trading of pre-owned luxury timepieces, embracing technology, data, transparency and innovation.


Posted January 15, 2018 Watch Brands Confront a Risky Business: The Secondhand Market New York Times - In November, there was the debut of WatchBox, a global e-commerce platform for buying, selling and trading pre-owned luxury watches that is backed by CMIA Capital Partners, a Singapore-based private equity firm.

Equipped with sophisticated pricing algorithms and teams of in-house watchmakers, these e-tailers say it is only a matter of time before brands recognize the sites as allies in the pre-owned watch business.
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Posted January 9, 2018 WatchBox Adds Two New Executives to C-Suite JCK - The tech-savvy watch retailer has tapped Michael Manjos as chief revenue officer and Shri Ballal as chief technology officer. Read More
Posted November 30, 2017 WatchBox Jockeys for Position in Pre-Owned Watch Market Worldwide With $100M in Seed Capital Robb Report - Through a combination of a web portal and a mobile app, customers are able to browse and purchase from a vast pre-owned inventory (1,448 pieces at time of publishing), as well as connect directly with a knowledgeable member of their team to assess the value of their own watch to then either sell or trade. Read More
Posted November 28, 2017 WatchBox Takes The Way We Buy, Sell, and Trade Pre-owned Watches To The Next Level Haute Time - Today WatchBox officially launched globally, and buying, selling and trading pre-owned luxury watches will never be the same again. With a concept that has already proven its worth in the US market, the rest of the world can now also experience this new way of buying, selling, and trading pre-owned luxury watches, as WatchBox takes it to the next level with a global website – and offices in both Hong Kong and Philadelphia. Read More
Posted September 20, 2017 Danny Govberg Talks About New Headquarters And Becoming A Luxury Tech Company Danny Govberg talks about his vision is to turn the watch business into a luxury technology company that buys, sells and trades in new and used watches to anybody, anywhere at any time.

“I think in the watch segment, ‘pre-owned’ will become the biggest brand. It will be bigger than any one individual brand,” he said.

Govberg Jewelers recently purchased the pre-owned watch website “Watchuwant,” and will change the name to Watchbox.
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Posted August 8, 2017 The Watch Enthusiasts’ Ultimate Personal Assistant Rebrands as WatchBox Govberg Watches’ Popular Watch App, Govberg OnTime, Relaunches with New Updates as WatchBox by Govberg.

Since its 2015 debut, Govberg Watches’ groundbreaking free watch app, Govberg OnTime, has been downloaded by more than 160,000 users. With this growing popularity, the app now enters a second stage of development as WatchBox, reaching a new level of sophistication with a redesign in functionality, user experience and aesthetic.
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