Elegance, sophistication, and class: these are just some of the descriptions that come to mind when Cartier is mentioned. As one of the oldest jewelers in the world, Cartier is an expert when it comes to catering to the whims of celebrities, billionaire businessmen, and royalty. The highly diverse line from this company is also testament to its versatility. And unlike many innovative luxury watchmakers, Cartier actually became popular for their light, airy jewelry before it expanded into watch making. Cartier is only becoming stronger in the industry as it introduces more luxurious, appealing, and cutting-edge watches.

Cartier Watches

The Cartier brand is a jewelry dynasty of elegance, fine craftsmanship and style, which first began creating wristwatches in 1906. Referred to as “the jeweler of kings and the king of jewelers” by England’s Edward VII, Cartier specializes in the production of uniquely beautiful watches, with many being adorned with precious metals. Considered to be a sign of luxury, elegance, and beauty to the highest level, Cartier watches are the perfect accessory for any formal gathering or black tie event. In fact, the Cartier brand of watches has caught the eye of countless celebrities and royals, including Brad Pitt, kings and queens of England and other countries and American royalty, John F. Kennedy.

History of Cartier Watches

Founded in Paris by Louis-Francois Cartier in 1874, the Cartier brand is one that has passed from generation to generation, remaining in the family. The company created the first wristwatches in 1903 after receiving a request from a Brazilian pilot. The pilot served as inspiration for the name of the first watch created by the brand, which was “Santos.” Cartier’s grandsons made two integral advancements for the watchmaking company, including “Tutti Frutti” jewels and the mystery clock. In 1907 Cartier and Edmond Jaeger entermeted a contract, making Jaeger the exclusive supplier of the movements for all of the brand’s watches and in the same year, Cartier opened bricks and mortar boutiques for their luxury watches in St. Petersburg, New York City, and London. Since the humble beginnings of the watchmaking efforts by Cartier, the company has grown and evolved, to still provide top of the line, luxury watches today with the same attention to detail as seen in the first models.

What Makes Cartier Watches So Appealing?

The company has been made famous over the years thanks to its heritage and awareness of the brand. However, it is the exquisite detail, use of precious metals and the brand name itself that has helped Cartier wristwatches remain a top choice for individuals today who want to find wristwatches that exude elegance, wealth and quality.

Why Purchase Pre-Owned Cartier Watches?

The detail-oriented, finely crafted Cartier watches available today still exhibit the dedication to craftsmanship the brand has always had. When buying used Cartier watches, you can find options spanning the brands more than 110-year history, giving you more models and styles to choose from than if you were buying new. WatchBox, a top provider of pre-owned Cartier watches, is dedicated to ensuring consumers have access to the best options of pre-owned Cartier watches, backing each watch sold with a warranty of authenticity and quality.

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