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About Patek Philippe

Patek Philippe represents the highest level of Swiss watchmaking. The Patek brand and Calatrava seal represent the highest standards of workmanship and quality; Patek Philippe produces the finest mechanical timepieces in the world like the Aquanaut Travel-Time 5164A and the Grand Complications 5140P . Patek Philippe's Men’s collection includes Calatrava, Nautilus, Aquanaut, andGondolo - all available in a range from time-only styles to grand complications including perpetual calendars and minute repeaters. Patek Philippe also offers a comprehensive selection of quartz and mechanical watches for women. The automatic and quartz Twenty-4 collection is the popular selection for ladies. WatchBox offers the world's best collection of Certified Pre-Owned Patek Philippe watches backed by our Global WatchBox warranty and our WatchBox concierge service.

Patek Philippe Watches: The History

Credited with making the first wristwatch in 1898, Patek Philippe was originally launched under a different name. Francois Czapek, a watchmaker, and Antoine Norbert de Patek, a businessman created Patek, Czapek & Cie in Geneva. Eventually, they parted ways and Czapek founded Czapek & Cie with a new partner, Juliusz Gruzewski. On the other hand, Patek forged a partnership with French watchmaker Adrien Philippe, the inventor of the keyless winding mechanism, and started making timepieces under the new company name Patek & Cie in 1845. On January 1, 1851, the company’s name was officially changed to Patek, Philippe & Cie. The original watch crafted by Patek Philippe included a split-seconds hand, perpetual calendar, minute repeater and chronograph. For a company considered new and up-and-coming, this was an impressive feat at the time. In 1932, the company was purchased by the Stern family, and Patek has evolved and come quite a far way from its humble beginnings. In fact, in 2002 alone, the company produced more than 40,000 watches. Today, Patek Philippe watches are still sold for high prices due to their intricate mechanical features and unique look, evident in their Complications and Grand Complications collections—a master class in horological complexities and artful design.

Patek Philippe Watch Collections

  • Nautilus

    Launched in 1976, the Nautilus is the epitome of the luxury sport category. This model is known for its ingenious horizontally embossed dial and porthole construction of its case. Browse iconic models like the Nautilus 5711.

  • Aquanaut

    Known for its salt water and UV resistant “tropical” strap, the Aquanaut was introduced in 1997. Inspired by the Nautilus, this octagon shaped watch was released as a more casual and colorful alternative.

  • Calatrava

    Elegant and classic, the Calatrava is Patek Philippe’s renowned line of simplistic dress watches. Since its introduction in 1932, this timeless watch design has endured over 80 years.

  • Grand Complications

    This collection is home to some of the most prestigious watches in the luxury market. Discover horological complications from the brand’s signature minute repeaters and perpetual calendars, to impressive tourbillons and split-second chronographs.

  • Complications

    Presenting an array of unrivaled timepieces with useful and hand-crafted complications, this collection features Annual Calendars, dual time zones, and World Time displays.

  • Gondolo

    Known for its rectangular, tonneau, or cushion-shaped cases, the first Gondolo wrist watches were introduced in the early 1920s. Since its introduction, this collection has evolved into contemporary ladies watches.


Patek Philippe Complications

  • Minute Repeater

    Since 1839, Patek Philippe has had a passion for chiming watches. In 2020, the brand released the Grande Sonnerie, Ref 6301P, a wristwatch that features the elaborate sound function. Not only does the minute repeater complication mark the time, it’s a work of art that adds to the character of their watches.

  • Annual Calendar

    Patek Philippe’s Annual Calendar complication was patented in 1996. This mechanism indicated the date for months of 30 and 31 days and needs only one correction per year, February 28 or 29 to March 1.

  • Perpetual Calendar

    Patek created its first perpetual calendar pocket watch in 1864 and the first perpetual calendar wrist watch in 1925. Since then, this complication has become a staple in many of their Grand Complications models.

What Makes Patek Philippe Watches So Appealing?

While the history and precision timekeeping offered by Patek Philippe watches is appealing, today, this is one of the most well-known brands around the globe. Having been donned on the wrists of celebrities and royals alike, this brand of wristwatch denotes exquisite taste and an appreciation for the finer things in life. Looking for a timeless dress watch from Patek Philippe? Peruse their collection of Calatrava watches for a piece that will pair well with any tailor-made suit. Or, if you're interested in a remarkable sports watch, step into Patek Philippe's sporty side with the Nautilus, available in stainless steel for a sleek look. Lastly, opt for a more modern twist on the Nautilus with their Aquanaut models.

Why Should You Purchase Pre-Owned Patek Philippe Watches?

When you purchase pre-owned Patek Philippe watches, you can find newer versions of the timepieces, as well as some of the classic, vintage options that are no longer in production. Do you want to wear the same watch seen on Prince Albert's wrist? Or, be able to compare your watch the high-class families in Egypt? At WatchBox, our company provides access to years of Patek Philippe models, specializing in only like-new options, to ensure you receive the exquisite timepiece you expect.

How much is a Patek Philippe watch?

With hundreds of pre-owned Patek Philippe watches to choose from, pricing for these exquisite timepieces varies depending on the model, materials, year, and supply. If you’re looking for a watch in a specific range, our client advisors will assist you in finding a Patek Philippe watch.

Why is Patek Philippe so expensive?

You never actually own a Patek Philippe. You merely look after it for the next generation. Patek Philippe watches are exceptional heirloom pieces that are crafted to be passed down for generations with proper care. Patek Philippe services and repairs all of their watches made since 1839.

Are Patek Philippe watches waterproof?

Patek Philippe watches are not waterproof. However, luxury sport models like the Nautilus and Aquanaut do have a water resistance up to 120m which is suitable for swimming or snorkeling. Overall, most other models are 30m water resistant and should not be used while swimming, with or without a leather strap.

How can you tell if a Patek Philippe watch is fake?

Every collector of luxury watches wishes to shield themselves from deceptions, fraud, and outright theft. Predatory sellers, con artists, and product defects all are facts of the market. However, purchasing a pre-owned Patek Philippe from trained watchmakers and trusted sources like WatchBox ensures you are selecting an authentic timepiece.

Why should I buy a Patek Philippe through WatchBox?

WatchBox is the world’s leading platform for the buying, selling, and trading of pre-owned watches. We are not a marketplace and own every pre-owned watch that we sell. This allows us to implement a true global quality standard. Each of our Patek Philippe watches are evaluated, authenticated, and brought to manufacturer operating standards without compromising value or provenance before entering our inventory. Our in-house team of Swiss-trained watchmakers, technicians, and refinishers are among the most highly regarded in the industry.

Patek Philippe Pricing Guide

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