Buying Guides

Valentine’s Watch Giving Gift Guide: What Suits Your Style?

Valentine’s day is right around the corner, which couple are you?'... Read More+

Buying Vintage Watches Part I: Watch Dial Details

No aspect of buying vintage watches is more critical, taxing, or discussed than the task of evaluating a dial on a vintage timepiece. Condition, originality, special marks, original components, and de'... Read More+

A Tale of 2 Watches – Panerai Radiomir SLC’s PAM 425 vs PAM 449

There seems to be a lot of confusion between the Panerai Radiomir SLC models, the PAM 425 and the PAM 449.  This is compounded based on the fact that they were both released at the same time for the '... Read More+

Collecting Modern Rolex: Part 2

Rolex Oysterquartz Day-Date 1901X
Part one of this series on future Rolex collectibles examined the historic significance, investment potential, and vetting process for Rolex collectors seeking a GMT-Master II 16760. This, the second '... Read More+

Collecting Modern Rolex: Part 1

Rolex GMT-Master II
Collectors of luxury watches are discovering that the next frontier of collectible Rolex watches will be watches built from the 1980s to the present. These watches offer many qualities that watch coll'... Read More+

Part Two: Rip-Offs and Luxury Watches, How to Detect Theft Schemes When Buying A Watch

how to buy watches on ebay
Dealer theft schemes differ from luxury watch misrepresentation in that thieves strive only to steal money, and actual goods may not play any role. In certain cases, a watch collector may detect misre'... Read More+

Red Flags: How to Avoid Rip-offs When Buying a Watch

Part I: How To Detect And Defeat Misrepresentation When Buying A Watch Every collector of luxury watches wishes to shield himself from deceptions, fraud, and outright theft. Predatory sellers, pure co'... Read More+
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