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About GMT Watches

Standing for Greenwich Mean Time, GMT watches allow travelers, collectors, and pilots to tell the time in multiple time zones. These timepieces rely on a 24-hour scale for time indication. The most common GMT watches will display a second time zone via a central hand and a 24-hour track either running along the dial, the rehaut, or the bezel, which can be fixed or rotatable. Timepieces with a moving bezel add an extra layer of practicality so long as you’re okay with a little math. Our collection of luxury pre-owned GMT timepieces features watch brands like Rolex, Panerai, Breitling, Tudor, Grand Seiko, and more. Interested in other timepieces from WatchBox? Browse our collections of Sport watches.

GMT Watches for Different Needs

When deciding which GMT watch to purchase, there are many options available from a variety of luxury watch brands. As a collector and wearer, it’s important to know which one best suits your needs—find your stride and style in our rundown of GMT watches.

  • For Explorers:
    As an adventure-seeker and vacation-taker, there is plenty of opportunity to be more casual and show off some vibrant color. With Omega's suite of Seamaster GMT watches, discover a world of bright blue dials and brilliant timekeeping detail. Or, for those who prefer a more sophisticated style for their trip abroad, explore Panerai'sGMT watches for a more refined look.

  • For Traveling Professionals:
    When working internationally, it’s important to know the time in other countries as well as your own—whether you’re landing somewhere or just making a phone call to a client overseas. Business professionals may prefer GMT watches with a sleek and straightforward design, like Sinn's Frankfurt Financial District pieces, or Jaeger-LeCoultre's Master Compressor Extreme World.

  • For the Collector:
    With an insatiable desire to add iconic pieces to their selection, collectors seek timeless GMT watches made by luxury brands like Rolex. Designed in 1955, the Rolex GMT-Master was made to respond to a list of requirements laid out by Pan American World Airways during a time when the rotatable bezel was the only option for setting time in a second zone. With the distinct blue and red 24-hour scales, this model is top of mind when many think of GMT watches. Explore more of the history behind the Rolex GMT-Master collection when you read History of the Rolex GMT-Master Collection and it’s Evolution to Today’s Modern Sports Watch.

Learn More About GMT Watches

Some collectors say that GTM watches evoke the spirit of travel and adventure as they watch the hands tell time in multiple places at once. Discover why a GMT is such a coveted piece to any collector’s line up when you read “The Art of Time Travel: GMT Complications.” And, be sure to learn the nuanced differences between GMT watches and dual time watches when you read this article. Shopping for GMT watches to give to the explorer, business traveler, or classic collector in your life? Use this gift guide to complicated watches, and find the perfect present for them.

GMT Watches Pricing Guide