Grand Seiko

Grand Seiko

For over 50 years, Grand Seiko has been the story of dedication to perfecting the deceptively simple idea of creating the ideal watch.  Even with the changing technology, the spirit of the Grand Seiko has remained the same. The very first Grand Seiko model was produced in Suwa Seikosha (current Seiko Epson) in central Japan.  Since the release of this watch in 1960, the Grand Seiko has continued to evolve and include additional complications including calendar functions. In 1967, the 44GS was released, being the first model to embody the exterior design concept of the “Grand Seiko Style,” which is still seen today. Through the years that followed, Grand Seiko watches were released for women, were designed to be very precise, and even featured both quartz and automatic movements. In 2002, for the first time in Grand Seiko history, the watch featured a fourth hand GMT function. The first Spring Drive Chronograph was released in 2007 featuring an accurate chronograph driven by a main spring. Still today, Grand Seiko continues to produce superbly accurate watches while maintaining the same spirit of the original Grand Seiko.

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About Grand Seiko

Grand Seiko is one of the most loved and coveted watch brands among collectors, and there is a good reason for this. It, as well as Seiko, its parent company, have a history that rivals all but the very best European watchmakers. There are few brands that have been more influential than Grand Seiko in the previous five decades. However, even while this is true, Grand Seiko is a watch brand that was only recently introduced to the Western world, which has resulted in some watch enthusiasts not fully understanding what the brand offers

History of Grand Seiko Watches

It was the ongoing determination to excel that brought about the creation of the Grand Seiko brand. Grand Seiko is a Japanese brand in an industry dominated by Swiss and German competitors. Compared to other brands, Grand Seiko is considered “young,” having started in 1960. While being developed, and ever since that time, the main idea that encouraged designers and engineers alike was that the Grand Seiko should be the “perfect” watch featuring durability, standards of precision and beauty that would take over the world.

What Makes Grand Seiko Watches So Appealing?

Part of the appeal of Grand Seiko watches is the precision craftsmanship that goes into each timepiece, the old school approach to creating the watch, and the high-performance movements that power these devices.

Why Should You Purchase a Pre-Owned Grand Seiko Watch?

The Grand Seiko watch isn’t a brand that many people are well-aware of today, especially compared to bigger names, such as Rolex or Omega. However, it is a brand that has quite a bit of value, thanks to the precision crafting and innovation that has gone into its design. Since the very first model was developed, this brand of watch was considered a trailblazer in regard to technology, which is why pre-owned models are so sought after. If you find the idea of purchasing one of the first Grand Seiko watches appealing, then WatchBox has a huge selection of top-quality used Grand Seiko watches to choose from, and the inventory is updated all the time. Buying pre-owned luxury watches also gives you access to some watches that are no longer being produced, making your timepiece, unique, valuable and a display of your fine taste and refinement.