Created to commemorate Omega’s 100th Anniversary, the Seamaster has stayed popular among divers and watch enthusiasts alike. The watch gained even more popularity in the 1990s after becoming the official watch of James Bond. Ultimately, the Seamaster has become a sought after timepiece and one of Omega’s longest continuously manufactured models.

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About Seamaster

“It’s Seamaster. Omega, Seamaster.” While the Seamaster name most commonly invokes images of the watch worn by suave spy James Bond, the collection is one of the most diverse lineups with so much to offer. Many Omega watches bear the Seamaster designation, and as such, every watch lover has their own vision of “The” Seamaster. The earliest models more closely resemble a dressy timepiece, while some of the more modern interpretations are quite literally a chunk of metal. There are Seamaster watches at all levels of dressi- and sporti- ness. The Aqua Terra, Planet Ocean, Ploprof, and Seamaster 300 are all under the Seamaster umbrella. However, the most common, and maybe even the most famous, version from the line is the Seamaster Diver 300m thanks to 007 himself.

The History of the Omega Seamaster

Few watches have a history that can rival the rich pedigree of the Seamaster. The line dates back to 1948 when Omega celebrated its centenary with the release of the first Seamaster. Omega wanted this new watch to be suitable for those who desire both a rugged and dressy piece. In addition to its clean and agreeable dial, this early Seamaster had an improved water resistance over the preceding Omega Marine watches of the 1930s. The next iteration of the watch, the Seamaster 300, was more outfitted for underwater exploration with its more legible dial and dive bezel. The Seamaster’s ability was proven time and time again by surviving in its natural habitat, most notably on Oceanographer Jacques Cousteau’s expeditions and was further catapulted into fame when it became part of the James Bond franchise. The watch has seen many redesigns over the years, with each line deserving its own spotlight.

What makes the Omega Seamaster so desirable?

The entire Seamaster lineup is well loved and respected among the watch community for many reasons. Regardless of which model you opt for, there is something special about having an Omega watch on your wrist. You get to be reminded of their distinguished past each time you strap it on. Another reason is that many of their models can be dressed up or down effortlessly. In the case of a “less is more” collecting philosophy, a Seamaster is a versatile addition (save for the Ploprof and perhaps the Planet Ocean) that can certainly be worn in an “everyday” role.

Why buy pre-owned Omega Watches and the Seamaster?

With a line as varied and often-revamped as the Seamaster, there are countless genuinely interesting Omega models out there that are not being made anymore. Naturally, these treasures can only be found in the pre-owned markets. Taking the time to seek out just the right piece to add to your collection is a satisfying and fascinating journey, and Watchbox’s global inventory is the best place to start your hunt!