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Racing Watches: Setting the Speed

Crafted with precision and designed to accurately calculate high speed, racing watches are incredibly complex timepieces—simultaneously capturing fast movements, while seemingly slowing time for collectors who get lost marveling at its details. Racing watches are known for distinct characteristics and features including their high-contrast dials for easy reading at top-speed, and a Chronograph, or a separate stopwatch function that uses start and stop pushers to move the second hand. Typically, a Tachymeter scale is also positioned on the bezel so that racers can calculate speed at a glance, while straps are usually made from breathable leather or rubber for optimal comfort and durability. Lastly, some older models of racing watches feature an angled case that makes it simple to read without taking your hands off the wheel. While this is no longer the case for all new racing watches, our collection of ever-changing, pre-owned models sometimes has this style in stock, making it a sought after feature for many enthusiasts. Learn more about the rich history behind motorsport watches by reading this article, and explore both obvious and obscure models that seem to transcend time.

Acclaimed Brands of Racing Watches

Today, there are a handful of luxury watch brands that design and produce racing watches, paying homage to the early days of the high-speed sport in both form and fashion. Discover three high-end horology names that come to mind.

  • Rolex
    As one of the most iconic racing watches of all time, the Rolex Daytona was designed in 1963 to meet the demands of professional racers, transcending time as the ultimate wristwatch for those who dream of the drive and live for the speed. Named after the famous racetrack, the Daytona comes in a variety of styles and colors, but one thing is always consistent—its unwavering ability to keep up, capture, and calculate. Explore more of the luxury brand’s fascinating history by reading this article.

  • Tag Heuer
    The first collection released following the acquisition of Heuer by TAG, the Formula 1 Collection is known for its bright colors and synthetic cases. Prior to the acquisition, Heuer had been a sponsor of Ferrari in the 1970s, while TAG was the principal sponsor of the Williams team from 1979-1981. When TAG Heuer added a chronograph version to the collection in 1989, it was perfect for timing races. Read about the Formula 1 Senna Special Edition in Watches And Wheels: The Watches of Formula One.

  • Chopard
    Boasting one of the longest-running automotive partnerships in the watch industry, Chopard has been the title sponsor and official timekeeper of the Mille Miglia since 1988. Our suite of pre-owned Chopard Mille Miglia racing watches are prized for their exceptional function and eye catching design, while Chopard Classic Racing watchesalso impress those with a need for speed, embodying the look and feel of tires hitting the pavement.

    Racing Watches & Other Sport-Inspired Pieces

    Joining racing watches are a range of other categories made for enthusiasts and collectors who enjoy specific functionality and scientific precision. Browse our collections of dive and sailing watches for other movement-focused options, or explore pilots and military watches for more tactical timepieces.

Racing Watches Pricing Guide

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